Positive Results from Combining Paw Paw with Thai-Go™ Mangosteen Juice Blend

Over the past several years, it had been theorized that the action of paw paw might be nullified if it were taken with strong antioxidants. This (at the time, untested) theory assumed that since antioxidants increase ATP and paw paw decreases ATP, that the two would, in effect, "cancel" each other out. Historically, positive results (via testimonials) have been reported using antioxidants. With the positive results reported with paw paw, it was a great consternation to cancer patients who would prefer to take both therapies.

As Dr. Jerry McLaughlin reported in our video interview with him, Dr. Fred Valeriote of the Ford Cancer Clinic decided to do laboratory experiments of several different strong antioxidants with the paw paw to determine if this theory was indeed correct. The testing apparently showed that there was no "cancelling effect", but in the case of certain antioxidants, notably a mangosteen fruit juice (one of most powerful antioxidant substances known), there was actually a synergistic effect between the two.

The article below appeared in a magazine called Horizons in the United Kingdom. Horizons is a periodical published (for advertising and news) by the company (Nature's Sunshine Products) to whom Dr. McLaughlin licensed his formula for paw paw. (For the information of those reading the article, "Paw Paw Cell Reg™" is the name of the Paw Paw formula, and the name of their mangosteen juice blend is called "Thai-Go™".)

Positive Lab Results Using Paw Paw Cell Reg™ and Thai-Go™

"Dr. (William) Keller (head of the NSP research department) recently advised Dr. Fred Valeriote of the Ford Cancer Clinic about the benefits of Nature's Sunshine Paw Paw Cell- Reg and the powerful antioxidant drink Thai-Go. Upon receiving this information, Dr. Valeriote suggested that he and NSP conduct a collaborative laboratory experiment using these products with live cultures of human colon cancer cells (HCT 116).

In his first experiment, Dr. Valeriote added Paw Paw Cell-Reg to HCT 116 cultures. He observed powerful results. In another experiment, he added a combination of Paw Paw Cell-Reg and Thai-Go to the same cultures. Once again, the results were dramatic, but Dr. Valeriote noted a synergistic effect between the two products that enhanced the results, making them more effective when used together.

This second experiment was important for two reasons. It not only demonstrated the effectiveness of the combination but also showed that Paw Paw Cell-Reg acts by a mechanism that is independent of free radicals. We have found that Thai-Go enhances, rather than diminishes the effects of Paw Paw Cell-Reg on HCT 116 cultures.

Thanks to the encouraging results of these experiments, Dr. Valeriote ahs decided to continue his research on these products. He is currently conducting a study at the Ford Cancer Clinic using Thai-Go with patients who are receiving radiation therapy.

Science is slowly unraveling some of Mother Nature's secrets, and Nature's Sunshine is leading the way to ensure that you will always have access to the best, most powerful supplements that natures so generously affords us."